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Ian Suen's Community Services
It is our honor to serve the community

San Dong Association, San Francisco Bay Area
2000 ~ Present: Board Member
2000 ~ 2003:    Vice-Chair
Sandong Association

Committee for Confucius Memorial Ceremony 
1998 ~ Present: Board Member
2001 ~ 2002: 	Vice-Chair
2003 		Chairperson  Pic!

Vision 2000 Foundation 
A non-profit organization for Better Government and Better Education,
in Cupertino, California, USA 
1996 ~ 1998: Vice-President 
vp, Vision 2000

Friends of Chinese Youth, USA 
A non-profit organization for Youth and Senior citizens
1996 ~ 1999: Board Member, Programs Coordinator 
Member of FCY

Friends of Free China, San Jose Chapter, USA 
A non-profit organization for friendship with the people in Taiwan 
1999: Chairman Pic!
1992 ~ Present: Board member 
Double Ten

Participant in: 

1995, 1996 and 1997: 
Cupertino Union School District fundraising 

1996, 1997 and 1998: 
Fremont Union School District fundraising 

Measure H, fundraising for Cupertino's high schools